Exciting fall this year…

I’m a backer of the game “Planetary Annihilation”. When I first saw their kickstarter site I knew it would be awesome and that I had to support them.

I’ve been longing for a good RTS game for quite some long time. Sure Starcraft 2 is OK but the community is horrible. They rush and they play really dirty.

It’s not sure that the community for PA will be any better, but maybe 🙂
I backed with $50 so that means I’ll be able to play in the Beta of PA, which according to new info will start this fall. I can’t wait!

Once I’ve read the ToS and EULA properly, I’ll decide whether I’ll livestream me playing it or not. If it’s allowed, I’ll do it 🙂

But until then, I guess I’ll have to keep to SC2 and to making my own games. 🙂

Have a nice spring ppl!

// Zhoot


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