Game idea

I’ve been searching my brain and internet for inspiration for a game.

Basically, we at SC want to try out our 3d engine, once it’s complete ofc, with a really nice horror themed game. We knew the theme but we had no real original concept.

But I think we got it! 😀
An hour ago, thanks to the help of some of my pals on IRC, I now have the basics of the concept for the game. It’s going to be horror, as I said, combined with puzzle. Who doesn’t like feeling absolute terror when you have to solve a puzzle.

I’m not going to give it all away here 😉
This concept involves that the player will never really know what is about to happen. Our gameengine works in a certain way to avoid predictability.

A few keywords to this concept:

  • Powerless
  • Potions
  • Puzzles
  • Darkness

That will have to do 😀 I’ll announce more in a few months when we come around making this game 😉

P.S. I promise that I’ll write better posts in the future, with more body to it 😉 D.S.


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