OS Nightmare

I hate windows. I have a lot of reasons but my main reasons are that they fail at customer service, software architecture and support.
Whenever I develop in Windows, I feel hamstrung because everything has to be so difficult… “You need a driver here, driver there” and even if I had all the drivers with correct (most often, the latest) version. It still didn’t work!

Whenever I’m on Linux (Ubuntu is my fav <3). I feel like it wants me to be a great developer. “You need a compiler? Sure!” One command later and it’s fixed. NO REBOOT REQUIRED.

I know, Windows has become alot better with the reboot thing. Now u hardly need to reboot.

But still, I can’t deny how windows makes me feel..

I wonder, what if windows was…

… A car? Crashing every 100 km.
… A computer virus? Then we wouldn’t be as scared of viruses as we are today. Cuz they would crash all the time anyway.
… A bomb? Malfunctioning every time you set it off. Forcing you to approach it and then boom straight in your face?

Those are only a few things I’d like to think about windows… 😛

Anyhow, I’m really pleased that Linux exist, saving me from my nightmare…
It’s kinda late now so I better sleep. Nn! 🙂

// Zhoot


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