Days of our lives…

Today at lunch I and my companions discussed something interesting. Or rather it got mentioned.

We know that an average human lives for ca 70 years.. Thats sounds like a long time because, everyone feel that a year doesnt pass by really fast. But wbat about if we do it like this…

An average human being lives for ca 25’567,5 days.. Twentyfive thousand fivehundredsixtyseven days… Does it still sound like a long time?
I just calculated that I’ve been alive for 8’662 days. It’s not that many days!

The human life is short. To me, 70 years sounds like a long time, but ~25k days? Sounds like it’s not that far away.

This got me thinking… What have I done with my life so far? Where am I heading? What do I want to achieve?

Short answer: I want to entertain people, make people feel happy or generally pleased. Make people forget our harsh reality for a moment… And since I know gameprogramming and I work as a programmer, games are a good choice for the entertainment medium.

Now… What are you going to do with your 25,5k days on this earth?


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