A little glimpse

As you must have guessed, I love games. I love playing them and I love making them.
I’m a frequent minecraft player. I play on my own hosted server, which is only open to members of the It’s a trap-community.

Some time ago we decided to start building our own medieval style village and castle. Sure this is a project you’ll find on alot of minecraft-servers.
But nevertheless we wanted to do it. It started when a player started building a church and invited me to join him.

Now we’ve added several houses, like a miners hut, fisherman’s house and a few shops. We’ve even started on a wall around the settlement
and I decided to build a guard tower, will post pics of that later :P.

When I feel that we’ve come a long way I’ll record a guided tour around the village and post on youtube. But for now this pictures will have to do 😉
Remeber, this is a work in progress 🙂 In a few weeks, or even days, it may look very different.

Inside, the priest altar, the cross and a grave are visible 🙂


Outside of the church 🙂



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