Soon time for a new month

It’s almost midnight, which means there’ll be a new month in less than 15 minutes. I wonder, what have I accomplished during May 2013? Shortly said, I’ve started looking more into doing some gamedev on my freetime. Which is a very positive thing for me. Although I haven’t been posting for a few days since i’ve been feeling very ill. Lets hope it turns shortly so I can continue putting energy into work and my free time gamedev.

I’ve had time to think and I believe I’m going to start working abit on my own game engine in Java working with LWJGL.
I’m building it because I want to learn more about LWJGL and Java, I want to continue to evolve as a person and as a developer.
Once the engine has reached at least version 0.1 I’ll start making a small 2d platform game. Simply to test it out and because I haven’t made a platform game before!

I’ll write more in a day or maybe even two, now I’m gonna watch a movie and go to bed. Cya!


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