Midsummer is over…

… Now back to creating games. πŸ™‚
I’m still at my parents house but I’m going home this afternoon… 3 hour long drive alone, since my gf is at her parents home now.

Tonight we have our second meeting in the closed gamedev group. After that, I think I’ll publish the name of our group here on my blog. πŸ™‚ I haven’t decided yet if I’ll do it or not ;).
This meeting is going to be very exciting, since we are going to discuss if we are going to start working on our first game together. πŸ™‚


Busy busy busy

Been a while since I posted anything ^^

Shortly said.. Been busy with private projects, work and health issues.
Sleep continues to elude me. So I visited a doctor a couple of days ago. He prescribed me some pills that will help me fall asleep easier. Although he thought the root of my insomnia is my weight. After we discussed what actions I’ve taken myself against my weightissue, he ordinated that I’d get a surgery… Since I’m a crohns patient, such a surgery is abit more tricky on me.
Although… Noneheless… He suggsted I’ll have a talk with my ordinary doctor, that oversee my crohns issues, about the surgery and go through it if he believe if can be done without aggravating my crohns..

Health aside. I’ve been dragged into a closed gamedev group with a few people from the ludumdare community. Even though the group started a bit wobbly, it has now stabilized with me and Cy4n1d as groupleaders.
We’ve shifted out focus in the group from just having fun, to having fun and make even more awesome games. I have a really good feeling about this group, since we have great programmers, an awesome digital artist and even a musician for sounds and music! Expect great things from this group since our first project together will start this sunday… So prep-work with website, forums, communication channels, source-code versioning e.t.c. has been taking a lot of my time. πŸ™‚ But it’s fun! So amazing people and we’re having a blast working together πŸ˜€

Midsummer eve tomorrow, so I’m off celebrating with my family and my GF. πŸ™‚ Have a nice weekend and I’ll post again soonish! πŸ˜€

Undead Express

My pals over at krutech has released their first game πŸ™‚

It’s an interesting game. What you do is that you control three railway-tracks. You can summon a train on each track and your goal is to run over as many zombies as possible, you want to keep them from reaching the other side.

It’s a nice lil’ classical indie game and I must say, good job guys πŸ˜€ I hope you continue with your game-making and I expect more awesome games from you guys πŸ˜‰

Here’s the link if you want to try the game :Β http://krutech.se/games/undeadexpress/

Ubisoft E3

I’ve been watching Ubisoft’s E3 press conference now for nearly 45 minutes.
They presented “The Crew” game. Looks like a racer/action kinda game. Looks really interesting but I’m not really sure. I’d only give it 6/10. But it may be higher if they have more gameplay than just “Race around doing bad stuff”.. We’ll see.
At this writing moment they’re presenting “Watchdogs”. It’s a really interesting game concept. I’m looking forward for this game, though I’m not sure if I’ll buy it yet. Have a friend who’ll buy it asap and I’ll watch his livestream before I decide.

So far, Ubisoft > EA’s stream. I wish I could stay up and watch all the press conferences but. Work calls…

I’ll write more tomorrow. NN mates πŸ™‚

EA E3 PressCon over

So, the EA press conference is over.

What did we see this year?

The highlight, imo, was BF4 and Plants vs Zombies.
BF4 looks awesome and since they’ve really improved on their Destruction-engine, which is a part of Frostbite, the game world is going to be even more destroyable.
So, by the end of the match you’ll have even a bigger pile of crap to stand on when you win.
I’m not sure if I’ll buy BF4. If they try to pull the same stunt as they did with BF3 (With premium and a lot of freaking DLC-packs) I’m sure not gonna buy it.. I hate the “Premium” system – since it makes me feel like I paid twice for the same game.

Plants vs Zombies was really a suprise for me. I’ve seen it as a mini-game for casino/poker games but this was totally new to me.. Looks awesome but I’m not sure if they can add that much GamePlay-content to it to make it fun…

So once again. EA promise us to give us a new generation of games, suitable for the new generation of consoles… WHAT ABOUT P.C.?!

And I have to mention EA Sports. It’s gonna be a new crop of hillarious physic-based buggs once all these games are released πŸ˜€ Can’t wait for that!

Now. 1 hour left until the Ubisoft one. Let us see what kind of “New Generation” gaming they bring us..

E3 time…

It’s time for the E3.
Anyone feeling excited?

I would if I’d know any good topics on the horizon…

I’ve heard that BF4 will be previewed on EA’s conference – starting now (http://uk.gamespot.com/e3/ea-press-conference/)

Do I have any high hopes for BF4? No. Even though I’m a BF player.
Why not? Simply because I’ve lost all hopes in the large maintain publishers and developers…

Anyhow, lets tune in and look!

Midnight thoughts

Been thinking around – as usual.
Playing some gamedev tycoon and watching Yogscast play “Papers, please” & “I get this call every day” Β made me think about the mainstream gamedevs vs. the indie developers.
To me, it looks like the indie-games will be surpassing the mainstream games in popularity quite soon. I mean, the latest mainstream games have been all sh*t according to myself.

It seems to me that mainstream are more focused on new graphics, new sounds, new technologies (THIS IS NOT BAD). But they’ve forgotten the importance of gameplay.. A game needs a strong skeleton to run (GFX, SFX and Tech).. But it also needs muscles and flesh.

A mainstream game feels like a really skinny person, made out of only skin and bone… Although a lot of indie games released recently, have quite a weak skeleton but they have alot of muscles. So they quickly gain ground.
I’m not trying to blame anyone or anything. But I guess the reason for these skin/bone games are…Β Money…

The developer companies being rushed when they’re making their games just to make a deadline..Β I dunno how you readers feel, but I’d rather wait a few extra months if the developers felt they need it.
Money isn’t all though.. I’m not really that fond of sequels/expansion packs/DLC’s either… Sure if a game is really good, one or maybe even two expansion packs are awesome (LookΒ Red Alert-series).. TakeΒ Sims though… They have released 9 expansion packs…Β NINE… It’s enough. You can end the franschise now. It’s old and wrinkly… Noooo… They won’t quit… It’s going to be their doom…

I love creating new games. I can’t imagine the hell the poor developers at the mainstream development companies must be in… Instead of going to work like “Yay! I’m gonna work on a totally new game today!” they must feel more like “I wonder what game I should make an EP for now?”…
Indie gamedev’s feel more free. No one tells us what to develop… We alone decide if we should make a sequel or expand on our games. If the community wants it, and the gamedev feels nice about it, he’ll probably develop more on the game.

This is more like a open letter to mainstream gamedev’s.
Think of the community.
Think like this,Β Where would we be without our fans?

You can make the most awesome games ever, graphic/sound/tech-wise. If no one buys them – are they really a success?
Take care of the fans… They’re more important than a deadline or money.