Taxes and programming

This morning started just.. GREAT…

I logged in on the Swedish Tax Agency’s website to check the progress of my taxrefund. I found out that the money have been wired to me and I should have it on my account. I login on my bank, check the account and nothing has changed… To my horror I check the accountnumber and bank-id they sent it to… And I realize there’s a number missing in the bank-id… -.-

Horrified I get my phone, calls the tax agency… I get put in a phoneqeueu of 200 ppl. Although it sounds bad, 200 ppl only generated a waiting time of ca 10 minutes.
Once I get hold of a phone operator and I asked about the missing number, I found out that it was a known issue and that I shouldn’t worry. As long as the account number is correct, they can always lookup the bank id in a database..
*Phew*! Nearly gave me an heartattack there…

Anyhow, tomorrow’s another day. It’s Sweden national day! Which means a day off work 😀 and I know Exactly how to spend my free time. I’m gonna be doing the same thing I do at work, only it’s gonna be a different project, system and language. Yes, I’m gonna continue working on my game 🙂
Although progress the last few days has been scarce, I hope I’ll make enough progress tomorrow to make up for it. I’ve been doing some planning in my head and I have to rewrite the physics part of my engine a bit. It works – but it  could be better. While I’m working on this game and/or engine I make sure to document every feature I put into the engine, the document contains features, version planning and a timeplan for the versions. I feel I’m a bit optimistic when I decided to get a runnable and usable engine by the end of august (version 0.1). This is only a preliminary estimation, so I’m gonna watch my progress over the next week or two to decide whether it’s a plausible deadline for 0.1 or not. Hope it is … 🙂


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