Midnight thoughts

Been thinking around – as usual.
Playing some gamedev tycoon and watching Yogscast play “Papers, please” & “I get this call every day”  made me think about the mainstream gamedevs vs. the indie developers.
To me, it looks like the indie-games will be surpassing the mainstream games in popularity quite soon. I mean, the latest mainstream games have been all sh*t according to myself.

It seems to me that mainstream are more focused on new graphics, new sounds, new technologies (THIS IS NOT BAD). But they’ve forgotten the importance of gameplay.. A game needs a strong skeleton to run (GFX, SFX and Tech).. But it also needs muscles and flesh.

A mainstream game feels like a really skinny person, made out of only skin and bone… Although a lot of indie games released recently, have quite a weak skeleton but they have alot of muscles. So they quickly gain ground.
I’m not trying to blame anyone or anything. But I guess the reason for these skin/bone games are… Money…

The developer companies being rushed when they’re making their games just to make a deadline.. I dunno how you readers feel, but I’d rather wait a few extra months if the developers felt they need it.
Money isn’t all though.. I’m not really that fond of sequels/expansion packs/DLC’s either… Sure if a game is really good, one or maybe even two expansion packs are awesome (Look Red Alert-series).. Take Sims though… They have released 9 expansion packs… NINE… It’s enough. You can end the franschise now. It’s old and wrinkly… Noooo… They won’t quit… It’s going to be their doom…

I love creating new games. I can’t imagine the hell the poor developers at the mainstream development companies must be in… Instead of going to work like “Yay! I’m gonna work on a totally new game today!” they must feel more like “I wonder what game I should make an EP for now?”…
Indie gamedev’s feel more free. No one tells us what to develop… We alone decide if we should make a sequel or expand on our games. If the community wants it, and the gamedev feels nice about it, he’ll probably develop more on the game.

This is more like a open letter to mainstream gamedev’s.
Think of the community.
Think like this, Where would we be without our fans?

You can make the most awesome games ever, graphic/sound/tech-wise. If no one buys them – are they really a success?
Take care of the fans… They’re more important than a deadline or money.


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