EA E3 PressCon over

So, the EA press conference is over.

What did we see this year?

The highlight, imo, was BF4 and Plants vs Zombies.
BF4 looks awesome and since they’ve really improved on their Destruction-engine, which is a part of Frostbite, the game world is going to be even more destroyable.
So, by the end of the match you’ll have even a bigger pile of crap to stand on when you win.
I’m not sure if I’ll buy BF4. If they try to pull the same stunt as they did with BF3 (With premium and a lot of freaking DLC-packs) I’m sure not gonna buy it.. I hate the “Premium” system – since it makes me feel like I paid twice for the same game.

Plants vs Zombies was really a suprise for me. I’ve seen it as a mini-game for casino/poker games but this was totally new to me.. Looks awesome but I’m not sure if they can add that much GamePlay-content to it to make it fun…

So once again. EA promise us to give us a new generation of games, suitable for the new generation of consoles… WHAT ABOUT P.C.?!

And I have to mention EA Sports. It’s gonna be a new crop of hillarious physic-based buggs once all these games are released 😀 Can’t wait for that!

Now. 1 hour left until the Ubisoft one. Let us see what kind of “New Generation” gaming they bring us..


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