I can’t believe I have to say this… THINK!

Thinking is highly overrated – Thats at least the opinion companies and swedish government posses.
The lately broadening of the definition of TV-Licensing fee’s by swedish “Radiotjänst in Kiruna AB”, which resulted in computers now being added as a device which requires TV-licensing really made a lot of swedes angry.. Now… There’s a new “Fee” to pay..

Swedish “CopySwede”, whom represents a lot of companies in the entertainment industry, has decided that the copyright-holders aren’t receiving enough money for their work, blaming internetpiracy of course, and have now introduced another fee. A fee which is applied on all electronic storage devices, harddrives for example. But even other devices will suffer.. MP3-players, computers, tv-controller boxes e.t.c.
The fee is up to 10€ for harddrives and up to 40€ on complete devices.

This got to stop… I mean. Think! What will the consequences be of this fee?

Samsung announced today that they will not put up with these fees and they’re brining it to court and dragging CopySwede with them. The court will decide if the fee falls within our “anti-piracy”-laws definition. If the fee is within the law, Samsung will loose. What happens if they do loose?
I for one, think Samsung will slowly reduce their sales in Sweden..
But also.. Not only the company will dissapear.. I believe the swedes will start looking to buy their electronic gadgets outside our national borders…

Consequences, CONSEQUENCES!!!

So if CopySweden win this courtappearence, Samsung will probably stop selling their products in Sweden… Swedes will start looking for products outside of Sweden, for example buying it from Germany… This will hurt the swedish market a lot and I guess we’ll have even more bankruptcies than before.. (Two major electronic stores has already closed down)…
And yes. Basically. Now internet-piracy is legal in Sweden since you’re paying for it.

Where will the fee-money go?
CopySwede claims the distribute it among the copyright-owners. To be honest. I think most of it ends up within copyswede, To pay there own lawyers and salaries.

I’m just so freaking mad right now that companies, Radiotjänst and CopySwede, not government owned either, can take these fees because of some stupid old laws from 1970-80s. I do love music, art and other entertainment stuff. I do support the artists and want them to get paid for their lovely creations. But I don’t wanna pay record-companies, just so they can have a fat salary.
I’m in the same position even, I’m a indie-game developer. I need to live and need money to do so. But I don’t support fee’s like these. I don’t try to counter piracy even in my games… Anyhow.. Time to continue to work.



It’s funny how I see a lot of young (and even some older) people that want to get into game development and programming especially. I’m not sure if they realize that programming isn’t just a skill you learn. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a way of life.
I myself has started to see the impact of programming more and more on my life… I’ve started realizing that the answer on the following questions are all the same…

  • What do you work with? – Programming
  • What do you do on your spare time? – Game development(Programming in essence).
  • How do a typical day look for you? – I wake up, go to work, get home from work, eat supper and start working on my hobby-projects.

I’m not sure how many times this scenario has occured in my head:
– I’m bored! Let’s do something fun… Let’s program a new IRC-Bot/GameEngine/API/Web-crawler !
… and I’m sure there’s many more that can relate to this scenario…

You may call it nerdy…
You may call it geeky…

… But it’s my life

Just a thought…

…that I find kind of sad…

Within the first hour of the theme announcement during this weekends Ludum Dare challenge.. I saw several developers saying in the IRC that they won’t attend cause of the theme… It’s just heartbreaking to see that they didn’t give the theme a real chance..
The following first 12 hours I saw severals posts on the Ludum dare page dictating the same thing, more developers quitting…

In my mind, it’s important to really give it a try. Sure I may hate the theme.. But following the theme is optional. Sure you’ll get really poor “theme-ratings”… Who cares? Make a game, make it awesome and if you can – Implement something that represents the theme.

To me… The theme is not important.. Making a game is… And having fun of course…

LD weekend is over, back to routine.

Yes. The weekend is over.
Technically it was over yesterday, but as I took a day off work to be able to participate fully in LD it was still weekend to me.

So our entry is up for rating. It has been for a few hours. Overall, the bugs are a painful presence but at least so far the the comments have been positive, people really seem to enjoy the graphics :).

During this week we’ll polish more on the game. Remove bugs, destroy it and rebuild it. So just because the LD event is over, we won’t stop caring about our game.  A new version is to be expected in a few days.

Atomic vikings isn’t going to sleep either. As soon as tonight we’re going to have a meeting concerning how the weekend went and what we’re going to do until next LD.
We’re going to kick-off our own game project, which will be part of a game pack we’re making. The game pack will basically be what we call “tribute pack”. The games in this pack are tributes to old classical games. Where we take a lot of inspiration from the oldies and put them in a modern environment with our graphical style.
We also found a lot of bugs in our engine that needs to be fixed. We also learned that the structure of the engine need to be fixed, version 0.2 of Viking2d will be very different from version 0.1 at least.

We finished!

We finished our game in time for the submission, with 2 hours left!
We did have to cut out a few features but we’ll add them later this week. We’ve decided to continue polish a bit on our game and make a proper game out of it.

The weekend has been stressful, hard, filled with tears blood and sweat. We’ve worked our asses off and I hope you guys will enjoy the game!

You can read our submission here and you can also download the game.  Ludum Dare

Now it’s time for some rest, got work tomorrow. Cya then!

Final round!

Final round is up! And as anticipated: ’10 Seconds’ is there. I predict it will probably be the theme and I’ve already started spawning some ideas around that theme.
What can you do in 10 seconds? Actually. Quite a lot. So I hope we won’t be seeing a lot of games where you just have to click the screen to most you can for 10 seconds…
I’d love to see some awesome small games where you have to solve a puzzle in 10 seconds… Save someones live in 10 seconds… Survive in 10 seconds… I don’t know! Awesome games at least!

It’s only tomorrow… Then it’s time for Ludum Dare… I can’t wait!!! (Yes. This deserves a fufufu).

Are you curious? What did I vote for the final round?
I’ve been giving away my voting preferences for the previous 4 rounds.. Should I give away what I voted for the final round ? 😉
Of course 🙂 Here they are!



Wotv Alpha!

This is awesome…

I just got an email with the title “Your War of the Vikings Alpha Key”.
I guess you can figure out what it means :-D.

Sure, I don’t know a lot about the “War…” franchise. But I’m happy to test it out 🙂

I’ll post more details later when I get home 🙂