Shape up…

I’ve been watching Notchs livestream where he has been working on his 7DFPS game and it has been a great time, apart from reading the accompanying chat. I’ve never seen so many fights over “What’s the best programming language?” or ever seen gamedevs acting like they’re some girls at a Justin Bieber consert.. Or are they just aspiring gamedevs? Since no indie-gamedev I know would act like that infront of someone who’s kind of famous.
Sure, Notch accomplished something awesome and I admire him for his work, but I don’t see him as a god and I certainly do not scream whenever he types in the chat himself.

What about the “Best programming language…?” There’s a short and very good answer for that: There is none.
Every language has its pros and cons in every aspect of developing. Want speed? Choose C++. Want portability? Choose Java.
I don’t know how many times I’ve been asked “What language should I use for my game?”. I’ve always answered the same thing and probably always will: Choose a language that fits your needs, a language that you can master and maybe even learn a bit more in when you’re working with it.

I’m using Java.. But why? Because I feel very comfortable with it and I love portability. I love being able to boot up my linux machine and play my own games without installing a lot of software just to run a game.
– But Java is slow!
Java is a bit slower than, lets say, C++. Yes. It’s true. But with good programming you’ll still be able to make awesome games..
One day I want to step back to C++ coding, but that will be the day I start working on a really large game project.

Although, if you’re new to programming overall. Choosing a language is critcal. If you choose the right language it will be like a blessing, you’ll feel that you’re learning new stuff every day and you can’t wait until you get to code some more…
If you, however, choose the wrong language… It will be a pain and you don’t want to finish your projects.
I wish I could say: Use this language to get started with programming. But I can’t. My best advice is to talk to other gamedevs, Although don’t ask “What’s the best language?” ask more like “Whats the easiest language to start learning?”.
I started out with Java. My school chose my language, not me. Java might not have been the best choice, but my teacher made it easy to learn.
Maybe we all need a teacher when we start out with something new…

Anyway. I’m off for now.


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