Is it… Friday…?

It’s friday, friday…. No.. Not gonna continue that song…

But yes, it’s friday. It’s the weekend before Ludum Dare #27.
It means this weekend will also be filled with game dev šŸ˜€

Tonight we’re going to run some final tests for AV gameegine. We’re going to participate in the LD Warmup that started yesterday and we’ll see if we can find any critical bugs before LD. I wonder how it will go šŸ™‚
A side-note. We will probably be streaming while we’re playing around with our warmup-game. So make sure you follow @atomicvikings so you dont miss us when we go online.


Yesterday I was bored and I didn’t really quite feel like working on the engine. So I turned my attention into one of my older projects… A Java IRC Bot. I’ve written a couple before. Yesterday though I started a new one, from scratch. I brought with me new technologies that I’ve learned working on the engine and I must say… This bot is atleast 10x better than my previous one… It reacts faster, it has a better authentication system, it’s more configurable and it’s more scaleable.. It’s just freaking awesome šŸ˜€
This bot will in the future be assisting us in AV in our IRC channel. Not as a moderator or anything, more like, if we need information from our system we can call for it via the bot. Like latest tickets, statistics and stuff like that šŸ™‚

I started working on it around 1900 and I was finished at around 2300.. Then I started adding more commands and ofc.. It turned into a late night. I hate when that happens.. ^^.


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