Final round!

Final round is up! And as anticipated: ’10 Seconds’ is there. I predict it will probably be the theme and I’ve already started spawning some ideas around that theme.
What can you do in 10 seconds? Actually. Quite a lot. So I hope we won’t be seeing a lot of games where you just have to click the screen to most you can for 10 seconds…
I’d love to see some awesome small games where you have to solve a puzzle in 10 seconds… Save someones live in 10 seconds… Survive in 10 seconds… I don’t know! Awesome games at least!

It’s only tomorrow… Then it’s time for Ludum Dare… I can’t wait!!! (Yes. This deserves a fufufu).

Are you curious? What did I vote for the final round?
I’ve been giving away my voting preferences for the previous 4 rounds.. Should I give away what I voted for the final round ? 😉
Of course 🙂 Here they are!




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