Photo Session

After some supper me and my girlfriend went out on the countryside with out cameras.
I took a total of 76 pictures but I only want to show 17 of them. I’ve shared them on my google+ account, here

So this was just a short post 🙂 I’m gonna try starting to post more. I’m gonna be developing some on my game this weekend., so mayb a screenshot or two.




Activity has been really low here on my blog since Ludum dare in august.
I’d like to apologize for that. The reason is simply that my health has deteriorated a lot. I’ve been feeling very fatigue and generally tired.
I’ve been seeing doctors about it but they all say/do the same thing… Take a few tests, ask me about my habbits (eating, exercising & sugar intake). Then they progress by telling me to sleep & exercise more. Or in some cases, they give me sleeping pills (even tho I tell the doctor that I sleep generally between 6-8 hours per night, so the amount of sleep isn’t the reason. It must be the quality of my sleep…).

After they’ve done all this, they send me home and tlel me to rest.


I’ve never felt so lonely since no one seems to understand what I’m going through.
Every morning it’s a struggle to get out of bed. Every day it’s a struggle to stay focused at work. It’s a struggle to even be at work.


Bottom line is… I’ve not been able to keep posting since I’m not feeling that good. I’ll start posting more when I feel better…

Health care in Sweden s*cks

I’m sick of dealing with the swedish health care system. I walk in and say that I don’t have any energy,  and what do they do? They just give me some sleeping pills and tell me to loose weight.. The pills won’t help me and I’ve been steadily loosing weight for months now. But my energy level is still extremely low. So I’m not getting the help I require.  What help do I want? Well, the situation is so serious so I would like to be admitted to the hospital. But this won’t happen unless I’m in an accident or try to commit suicide.

I mean,  I’m young and fresh on the job market,  isn’t my wellbeing something that should be prioritized? Isn’t the well being of any human being something that needs to be a priority?
I’m tired of being sent back and forth between doctors.
My advice is, if you’re planning to move to Sweden and have a medical history,  just simply don’t…
Swedish health care may sound awesome on paper. But the fact is that it’s not anywhere close to reality.