Atomic Vikings has disbanded

First, I dont know why. But I want to apologize for not posting anything for a while. Quite a long while too.. To whom am I apologizing? You, the reader? I guess so. Even if I shouldn’t have to apologize I think it’s the polite thing to do. 🙂

October has been a very busy month. Social events, work and even more work.
I’ve been developing on a new game concept which I’ll be developing with my friend from work. It was first thought that a smaller group from AV would be making it with me, though that changed after we had a few disagreements.


But what happened to Atomic Vikings?
Well. It turned out to be very hard to collaborate between 7 people when everyone is in a different country and we decided to disband. We launched our new project after Ludum Dare but it didnt work out.


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