It’s been a month now

Since my last post. This is not acceptable in my mind.
I want to write a psot every other day, but it has totally lsipped my mind lately…

Mayb I’m not totally at fault. Since the beginning of December I’ve been seeing a doctor cause I was feeling very low, tired and generally depressed. After a few visits, he stated that I was in the inital phase of a depression and prescribed me some mild anti-depressive medicine. The medication is now starting to gain effect and I can feel it.. I have a bit more energy, it’s easier to get out of bed in the morning an I start to generally feel better…

On January 1st, I got the idea to start writing a post here every single day during 2014. But I was busy so I couldn’t write anything that day. Or the day after…

Anyway, I’ve been really busy during december… My friends and I have joined forces and started our own youtube channel. We’re posting 1 video / 3 days (minimum) and so far we have videos with the games Rocksmith 2014, Sniper elite and Bulletstorm. We have several videos being rendered so more will come. Subscribe to use and follow us from the beginning!

I’ll try to post more form today and on. Possibly every day. possibly multiple posts per day too… Depending on my mood of the day 😛


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