New project – BaconPie

Yes. I’m starting a new project with a couple of friends this spring. The project BaconPie will officially start on 1st of May, but we couldn’t wait so we’ve already taken the first steps; A proper game design and started on a conceptual prototype.

We don’t have any solid timeplan yet but we plan on spending atleast a year on this game to make sure it meets our high standards.
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Here you can see a very early prototype picture. 🙂 Enjoy!

Tunnel in game 2


Prison Architect

A week-ish ago I published my second episode of me playing Prison Architect. Yesterday I received my first comment on a video 😀
It felt totally awesome! These kind of comments really warms my heart and inspires me and my friends to continue making videos.

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Here’s the link to my prison architect #2 video: