Why I Love … Ludum Dare

Hey there,

It’s been some time since I made my last post and now I thought it was time again. I’ve been thinking about making this post for a couple of days now, what to write, how to phrase things and what I actually want to say.

It should be simple, I mean, the title of this post is quite simple. But the feeling I get from Ludum dare, I can’t describe it with any words known to man. I’ll give it a try anyway.

I hold the Ludum Dare community close to my heart. Every single member, young and old.
On each single event (arranged 3 times per year) I feel great joy as I see the attention brought to the event and the entire indie-game industry. Seeing how the main IRC-channel tripples in participants the day before the event launch forces my eye to shed a tear of joy and makes my lips form into a giant smile.
Seeing how the flow of tweets hits you like an avalanche is an amazing feeling. Knowing that you’re a part of something huge.

Hey, I’m focusing too much on the event itself…
The core community, that spends 24/7 of their time in LD’s IRC channel, are just amazing. If you ever have a programming problem, question or just want to discuss new technologies you’re welcome to LD’s main channel. Everyone is very helpful and open-minded. I’ve seen countless of interesting discussions, countless of people receiving aid with a piece of code and litteraly thousands of ideas being discussed.
When I enter the IRC chat every morning, it feels like I arrive at a campfire where everyone is gathered. I take a seat and I feel like I’m at home.

That’s another amazing thing with Ludum dare (and indie gamedev in general). I met some of my closest friends via the community, none of them is from my country(Sweden)! Before I encountered Ludum Dare, I’d never taken part in an international gamedev project. Now, I’ve taked part in several and I’m even leading some of my own.
The level of international coorperation seen in the community and event are just out of this world.. If we could bring this to a global scale and into the heart of every single human being, we wouldn’t be far off achieving a World Peace…

The greatest tool the human possess, is the imagination…

So, If you’ve really managed to read all the way down here.. I thank you.

And always remember…

Programmers – Never stop typing.
Artists – Never stop drawing.
Musicians – Never stop playing your instruments.
Writers  – Never stop imagining.

GameDevs Unite.