A word out of the darkness…

Yes… I’m alive…


Oddly enough.

I’m still battling my depression.. I think I might know what’s causing it now, but I’m unable to remedy the situation at this moment.
My employer isn’t very helpful either. They keep forcing me on “rehabilitation meetings” with them, which basically is 1 hour of 2 of my bosses trying to think of something they/I can do to instantly fix the situation. They do not realize that it takes time to get better from a depression.
After each meeting I’m back on square 1. All the healing I’ve managed to build up during 13 days are destroyed on the 14th day (The meetings are every 14 days). Now I’ve started resisting going on the meetings.


To escape my hard reality life – I’m working on a small hobby project. Which is ironic since I should be programming at work..
I’ve almost spent a month into the project. I’ve already restarted it twice. First rendition was in Unity, but I decided to go to LWJGL and Java since I feel more at home in that framework. After a couple of days of development a gamedev friend of mine convinced me to use LibGDX framework instead – Since it’s still in development and actively supported by both community and the developers.

That last switch happened a week ago and I’ve now almost caught up with what I had before I restarted. So it’s almost time for new development.

What is the project about?
I can’t answer that question today… Currently my ambition is to get this game into a pre-alpha state before the end of this year. I have another couple of months left and this game is huge as it is already. The scope is quite extensive.

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