Progress progress.


Progress is a wonderful word. I love it. I love progressing in my development projects.
For the past weeks there has little to none progress at all. I’ve been stuck…

But as you saw from my previous posts, I finally solved it and was able to progress. So I did!

I managed to create a task-qeueu for the game characters. I was able to create the MoveTask that they’ll all utilize to move around.
I also polished on the selection system (both click and drag-box) to be more precise and move smoother.

This recent burst of productivity and progress has really boosted my mood and my faith that my upcoming crowdfunding campaign will be successful.

Anyway, now I’m gonna rest for a couple of days.
Have a nice all saints day!


My greatest hinder in game programming is my own confidence

It’s true.

I have a lot of experience that I simply won’t recognize.
I have started hundreds of games, in different frameworks, languages and themes..

Even though I haven’t finished less than 10 of those hundreds, I have gained loads of experience and knowledge.

That must be worth something, right?

My confidence has a easy answer to this; No.
My confidence tells me that I’m useless on programming, that my problem-solving skills are close to none-existent.

A big part of me to continue working on my projects is convincing myself that “I can do this!”.
And today my ego got a huge boost, as I successfully solved 2 issues I’ve been working on for a few weeks (with “Working on” I mean looking at it 15-30 minutes per day and then do something else cause “I can’t solve it”).

This project will become my first officially finished game.
It’s also my largest…
It’s also my first commercial…

… It’s a lot of firsts… 🙂

Now… I’ve closed 3 tickets tonight… Now I’m going to sleep.
Good night!

Frustrating a$$pr0bl€ms…. G@h!

I hate when you get stuck on a simple yet very odd bug in your programs/games.

Like on my current project – A simulator 2d topdown game.
I’m working currently on a living character in the game, and of course you’re supposed to be able to click him to select him.

Here’s a combined screenshot where you can see my bug;



Left side: Not selected.
Right side: Selected.