Day 31/365: Tired

Omfg. I’ve not felt this tired for ages.
I got some proof that I’m starting to feel better now. I managed to drive further without being at risk for falling a sleep.
You really shouldn’t drive when you’re too tired though, I know that. I make sure that I always have a co-driver with me that is able to take over in case I’d feel super tired or start behaving dangerously. I need to push my limit of what I’m able to do to be able to keep pushing my limit ahead of me.

Now. Time for bed, time for rest and tomorrow I’m gonna continue on my project.


Day 30/365

( I know I’m 1 day late. I’m sorry for this :()


January is almost over. It’s hard to believe that 1/12th of this year has already passed by… Feels like it was yesterday we celebrated new years eve…
So far January has been really hard to me. It’s been filled with sadness, desperation and confusion. I sincerly hope for a better February.

Day 28/365: Over 100 posts!

I’ve posted over 100 posts on my blog now! (3 posts ago).

It feels like a big number, only to me since I’m not used to post every day yet. No, not even after 4 weeks into this year..

Okey, so tomorrow it’s time to get some coding done again – make massive leaps of progress.
Alpha 1 has a tight deadline, really tight. But I’m confident we can make it 🙂 Even though we were delayed by sickness 😦

Day 27/365: Nothing special today

I’m sorry to announce that nothing special happened today. I’ve been very tired – So tired that I feel dizzy…

My project is on a tiny halt – My friend is helping me out with it, and we’ve both been sick for a couple of days. I’m just waiting for him to feel better and we’ll continue on thursday/friday evening.. I can’t wait for the progress we’ll make this coming weekend…

Day 26/365: Better today

It’s been a better day today, after yesterdays horror-like day.

I registered at the unemployment office today. I don’t really know why cuz i’ve always been able to find new jobs faster than they’ve even been able to scratch their butt. The woman was nice though.

Later on the evening my stomach went into chaos – Think I might have been food poisoned or got a temporary virus.
I’m feeling a lot better now though, been drinking some and eating a couple of sandwiches.

Tomorrow i’m gonna try to spend some time cleaning the apartment. Doesn’t sound like a good day – Lol…

Day 25/365: What a bad day

Been in a weird bad mood all day.. Dunno why.. I woke up and felt like shit and been feeling like that since then.

Also been feeling that I don’t belong here, a immense feeling of being out of place. I also don’t feel like I have any home anymore. Like I’m always confused if my parents house is my “home” or if it’s me and my girlfriends apartment. None of them feel right, none of them feels like home…