Day 3/365: Sleepless in Sweden

Day 3 of year 2015. This Saturday turned out to be a very regular Saturday here. Gray weather, no snow what so ever. Raining sometimes…

Yesterday during my followfriday rampage on twitter I was contacted by a very interesting person. We share the interest of games, game development to be more precise.
I’m not gonna reveal quite yet who he is and what he wanted to discuss. I can only say, it was very interesting. We talked for a few hours by tweeting back and forth to eachother, going over into DM to talk more privately. He showed a clear interest in my project and had a interesting proposal. I’m intrigued…

This very engaging discussion rendered me mostly sleepless the night towards today. It brought life to many new and fascinating scenarios and my brain just couldn’t relax.
Me: Relax brain, it’s time to sleep!
Brain: But no! I don’t want to! Too much to think about
*Brain reving up the speed even more*

I did however manage to retain a couple of hours of sleep.



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