Day 5/365: Party…?

Hey again!

What a day. Been coding since I woke up and it’s hard. Especially since i still lack a lot of energy due to my depression.

Now in the evening there’s a party in an apartment in a close-by building. They’re drunk and loud. They’re playing around with
leftover fireworks since new years eve as well, lighting them and throwing it on the ground. Resulting in a very loud bang and flash. It triggered my car alarm a couple of times!
Maybe I should call the police since it could be very dangerous.

Today me and my girlfriend celebrate our 5-year aniversary. It’s been 5 hard years since we have a very tight budget that needs to support two people.
I can’t imagine life without her though, she’s so supportive of my gamedev hobbies and my ambition to one day call it my job.


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