Day 6/365: Fired


If you’ve been here on my blog before you might have seen that I’ve written in some posts about my depression. It has caused me to feel fatigued and because of that been unable to work. I’ve tried several times to start working again but it never worked out.
Today I received letter from my employeer that I’ve been fired. It’s a weird feeling reading that, I feel relieved that I never have to go there again, but also I feel panic and sad since now I have to change a lot of things.

I’m without income, with that it probably means I’ll have to sell my apartment and move out (Moved in 3-4 months ago). I’ll probably have to move home to my parents and ask my girlfriend to move home to her family for a while..

I’m not sure how i’m gonna solve the situation… However it’s done, it’s not going to be good.


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