Day 8/365: Insomnia ?


I missed my deadline, again! The day after as well! I should’ve learned.. ^^

I’ll have to make a second post later today to make up for it 😛

Had a terrible night. I couldn’t sleep, think the time was around 7-8 am before I fell asleep. Ofc I couldn’t sleep for to long either, woke up at around 12 so I’m feeling pretty drained right now. Yet I’m not sleepy, just drained of energy.
I can’t figure what could be causing it. Is it that I have a chronical illness in my stomach + the depression ? Both of them working together to bring me down ?

I did atleast some progress today, despite my lack of energy.
It’s time to start creating the living entities in the game. The entities the game revolves around, lol. I really gotta make them good.

I’m gonna jump in bed now – I leave you here with this gif. Ponder about it!



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