Day 10/365: Storm and inspiration

It’s very windy and wet outside. If you live in Sweden or Denmark, possibly Norway as well, you’ve probably heard that there’s a storm approaching the nordics from the atlantic. The wind is close to 30m/s here and it’s raining. It feels more like fall than winter here 😦

The bad weather aside, I’ve noticed I love watching people play Prison Architect and Rimworld. Both of these games are wonderful, both graphically and mechanically. Whenever I watch I feel like continue working on my own game. It’s a good way to motivate enself !

I’ve also added a new subpage up above. It’s called “Donations“.
Since I lost my job recently, money will soon become an issue. If I’m to continue developing my own games I need some monetary support. If you like my blog and my games, or even me, consider giving it a visit 🙂

I’m soon going to add another subpage, where I post games I’ve made, some info about them and hopefully a download link as well.

Now i’m off to do some late-night coding, ttyl 🙂

P.S. I do realize I missed my personal deadline of midnight again, but tbh. My sleeping rythm is screwed up, my days are weird atm 😉 D.s.


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