Day 11/365: Ordinary sunday

Hey hey hey!

How is everyone? Here it’s been an ordinary sunday. Eating some candy, doing some cleaning and playing some games. Been a good day despite the bad weather outside (Still kinda windy after the storm).

I’ve been doing some coding as well but I’ve encountered an annoying problem. I’ve a weird bug which I dunno how to resolve.
It’s in the texturemanager, when it has fetched a spritesheet and splitted it into an 2d array, I try to fetch just one row of sprites but for some reason the array is empty. Something is fishy here…

I was just thinking.. I can’t wait for the next ludum dare! It’s too early to start getting hyped for it though ^^. Next Ludum Dare is in April. Three more months!

Anyway, time to go back to coding!


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