Day 12/365: Finger insurance !½


There really REALLY should be finger/hand insurance available for purchase! I was using a wrench to fix my studio-microphone yesterday and I managed to hurt my finger! To someone that works with his fingers/hands it’s devastating. If I’d manage to sustain a permanent injury to my hand/hands/finger/fingers I would have serious issues with performing what I’m trained to do – Program.
Luckily this time, the injury will heal in a couple of days. What if it would take months? Years even? I highly doubt I’d be able to get any kind of assistance “just cause I hurt my finger”… A programmer that loose/injure 1-2 fingers are down 10-20%! If NOT MORE!
It happened in the middle of a coding session as well. For a good 2 hours I couldn’t use my right middle finger, it really caused a hassle to me xD

Yesterday I had an idea as well, forgot to write about it in yesterdays post. My idea is that I should do timelapse videos of me coding and add them to the weekly updates I’m gonna start posting about my project once/if the kickstarter campaign is successful. It would give the viewer a first hand view of the game as it is being developed! Wouldn’t that be a great thing ?


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