Day 14/365: Two weeks of -15

Hey everyone, Here I am, one hour late.

My first two weeks of this year has been… Well… Counting the fact that I got fired? It’s been good. I’ve started feeling better, getting more energy and more urge to do stuff – Especially in my own project.
Sure, loosing my job was a big drawback and put me down for a few days. But now I feel a lot better, from all kind positive feedback from you readers and my closest friends.

I’m not sure I’ll resolve my economical situation, no jobs = no money. Even when I’m still on the sick list. My kickstarter is delayed a bit, got some feedback from a friend and he wanted me to add couple of moving bits, a couple of gifs. I’ve made one today, and probably will have to speed-make the other tomorrow since I’m leaving to go to my parents house tomorrow.


How has your first 14 days on 2015 been?


Here’s the gif I made today (You’ll be able to see it again on the kickstarter)
Please, it’s graphics from the prototype version. It’s not final art.

Sequence 01_1


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