Day 15/365: Je Suis Charlie

I guess everyone knows what my title is about. It’s now 8 days ago since the famous terror attack events took place.
I was a bit slow on following news that day. It took me several hours before my friends asked me “Have you been living behind a rock?” and explained to me what was going on. At first I thoguht “They are just joking with me. It can’t be real…”. Sadly enough, I was wrong.
After that I started following any trace of news I could find. Twitter feeds, news papers and tv.
Just hearing how these events could unfold… It’s years 2015… How can this happen? Innocent victims and people terrorized (Dont spellcheck this :P)…

The 7th – 9th January will forever be remembered with a mixture of sorrow and anger…
My heart is with the people of France.


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