Day 17/365: I love progress

Isn’t it just amazing, the feeling you get when you see the results of your hours of coding ?
I thought I wouldn’t be able to spend any time coding while I’m at my parents house, but I’ve been able to do remarkable progress. Seeing how my planning starts taking form, the positive feedback I’ve been getting from friends about how my kickstarter looks and my game concept. A friend of mine even told me how I look very similar to Notch, just add some more hair on the head and some glasses.

I’ve started working on some simple GUI now. At least some simple like a button. I just need to make sure I code it correctly. I dont want anything behind the GUI to react if you click on a gui-button or textarea. That’s just poor coding. I’m just not sure how to code it yet. I need to track where the click is (easy) and then check if it hit a GUI object, if it doesn’t it should just pass the click event along to the rest of the game-logic. Sounds simple enough. Just need to make sure I remember it. Lol ^^

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get any coding done tomorrow – I hope I will but not sure. The whole reason we drove to my parents this weekend was to celebrate my fathers and sister-in-laws birthday. Now my brothers baby has been under a fever for a couple of days so it has been postponed. Looks like we have to take a re-incheck on plans…

On Monday or Tuesday we’ll be driving home again (me and my girlfriend). Then we’ll be home for a week or so before she’s going home to her parents to celebrate her birthday. Can never really catch a break, lol.

My plans so far is that once I’m home I’m gonna re-record the video I made for kickstarter, I’ll spend some time on editing it (wont do any cheap tricks or fancy effects, I promise) and then it’s time to upload the video to kickstarter and submit the campaign/project for review. I’m so freaking nervous!
I sense I’ll be having some issues with sleeping while the project runs on kickstarter. How come this project means so much to me? It’s worth more than my job ever was to me, even though my previous job was my first steady employment.
Now it feels like this project will be the one thing that can help me out of my depression, if I focus enough my mind might start healing…

Quite a long post, hope you enjoyed reading it!
Feels great with a long post after I’ve posted such short ones earlier.


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