Day 18/365: Good day! :D

It’s been a good day today! Been spending some time with my girlfriend and afterwards I was able to keep progressing on my project.

Tomorrow we’ll be going home – Once I’m home I’ll be able to make even more progress. Feels like I’m in a very good period now when I’m able to code a lot and return to my old self. Seems like getting fired from my job was a really good thing after all, despite the monetary issues we now have. But to be honest, it’s not like we’ve had loads of money before…

It feels weird coding on this laptop – The keyboard is a bit slow, I’m typing so fast sometimes it doesn’t catch all the keypresses.
I was ablet oday to start working a bit on how the walls will look and work. I did start working a bit on Zoning, by mistake actually, so I had to switch issue and keep working on the walls.  I was able to write stand-in walls today, Chris will draw better ones (he already has but I dont have them here), with these stand-in walls I can complete the coding atleast for the walls. I’m not quite sure though how the pre-built state will look, it’s not easy to imagine it.. I’m gonna take some aid from my friends tomorrow evening.

Oh yeah! I have to record the kickstarter video as well – I’m feeling nervous!! O_O I’m not used to be infront of the camera…

Oh well 🙂 I guess it will work out fine.
Now I’m off to watch some tv, good night 🙂


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