Day 20/365: Conundrum…

Hey internet!

It’s been a kinda slow day today – Been feeling very tired. Guess this is caused by the drive yesterday. Sure it’s only 220 km or so, but it’s very demanding to me to drive for 3 hours. Even with a break.

I’ve started progressing with the walls for the game – I think I know how to structure the walls. Although now I don’t know how to detect when all the segments are completed…

I have two versions:

#1 – The player builds one wall at the time, once they’re all completed and there’s an entrence (door), the game will see this and form that into a building. (All tiles within are now marked as “indoor”.

#2 – The player uses a tool that works similar to the box tool – He draws a box on the ground and along the outer edges there’ll be walls and the inner tiles will be made into concrete tiles.

I’m leaning towards #2 since it’s easier, but I’d prefer a combination of them both – You draw each wall like in #1, and when it forms a walled in area the tiles in the middle will be made into concrete (indoors)…


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