Day 32/365: A new month

A new month, the first one blew past way too quickly!
Anyway 12 days left to my deadline – I’ve been working some today, working on the rendering engine. Making some tweaks here and there. And it is so fucking fun! Even when I’m not coding I’m working on my project – Finding youtubers whom I want to give review keys, coming up with new ideas for the game to enhance it or make it more comprehensive or even watch reviews/lets plays of similar games on youtube and taking notes so I know what areas I need to keep an extra eye on.

The most important thing however, this game is for me (and ofcs those who help me make it). It’s a game I’ve wanted to play for a very long time. It feels so great that it’s slowly starting to take shape.

And I must confess – The game has changed a lot since I first started thinking of it. It’s changed so much it’s hard to call it the same game anymore.

I’m a bit hesitant if the artist I’ve recruited for this project is up to the task. His art looks amazing however it shows that he lacks experience in creating this kind of art. (Not that many that have it either I’m afraid). I’ve asked him to not work too much on the project while I’m making up my mind. Just wish I new more artsy people so I could show them the art and get a second opinion – Since I’m not that artsy myself I tend to think anything anyone but me made is awesome…

I’m gonna try out his art in-game before I make up my mind.
Maybe it looks a lot better in-game than I thought.


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