Day 33/365: Threads

I’m new to threading. I’m not gonna lie about that. Most of my smaller prototype-size games have been singlethreaded. However, this new project is soo big I’m preparing for multithreading already. I’ve encountered obstacles with it already!!

The obstacle is my lack of experience with threading – The resourcemanager, which is responsible for loading the textures for the harddrive into the memory, is not done when it’s reporting that it is done! So it’s done but NOT YET.

This causes issues as the rest of the program begins to run once the manager is reporting “DONE!”. So when the rest of the program starts loading up, it notices “Where’s the textures you promised me?!” and starts puking NPE’s on me!

I’ve been tackling this issue the entire day today, although I noticed it yesterday. *GRR*

Okey. Calm down, tomorrow is a new day. And I’ll solve it. Until then.
Night night!


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