Day 36/365: Crap, I have competition.

Ohh crap. My project has been ongoing for a while now. I thought I was at least rather alone with my concept for now. I was sooo wrong ^^…
Today I was informed of a compeditor. And it turns out he has the exact same concept! Even down to the position of the GUI.

Now my heart is racing. Will there be room for two similar games on the market?
His game seem way less polished than ours will be. But I can’t judge it too much now, it’s in alpha according to him. In my eyes, and I’m trying to be as honest as can be here, his graphics looks like programmers graphics or pre-alpha level. I’m at least not alone on my project. I have a artist and another programmer working on the game.

I’m feeling pretty secure in my product. My anxiety level has risen now due to this compeditor.

What does this mean to me ?
It has pushed my project back. I’m not longer sure when we’ll be able to finish alpha 1. I just know one thing; It won’t be in 7 days which was the original thought.
I’ve started reconsidering our approach on how to release our game. Instead of going Kickstarter first, I think I’m gonna try to build a fanbase before I launch kickstarter.


Btw, I found his project on steam greenlight – this was also the first sign of his project, except his website. His website and youtube account seem to have been created at the same time as the greenlight was submitted. I’m not sure if he’s brave or foolish.

I’m going to keep an eye on his project.
This also means more stress on me as I need to prove that I’m a worthy compeditor to him.


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