About me


I’m Zhoot. I’m a young and passionate Indie-game developer. I live in the southern part of Sweden with my girlfriend.

Enough about that, now lets talk about games!
I love games. Playing games, designing them and even developing them. Since I’m a systemdeveloper, making games is a hobby for me. I’d love for it to one day be my job, although I hope that’s the future.
I said I’m a systemdeveloper, that’s is true. I work in a small development team on a small company here. I love my job and my co-workers are just the best you can have.

I’m very active in the indie-gamedev community Ludum Dare. Ludum Dare (LD) arranges three gamejams every year and I follow every event. I even participated during LD #26 with a friend. Even though we didn’t finish within the deadline we had fun and made a game with great potential.

Anyway, like my code evolves, so will this page. When I think of more that should be here, I’ll fill it in.


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