It’s Official: LD here we come!

LD (Ludum Dare) is approaching in a rapid pace, it’s this weekend!

Yet again I’ll participate with Atomic Vikings! And we’re going to have a blast of course!

Last time we participated we managed to snag rank 10! It’s going to be hard to beat but I hope we succeed cuz this time we have 2 additional members with us!

Riina, a 2d artist who joined us the days before the last LD but was unable to fully participate, she did turn up just in time to help us make a better looking logo for the game.

Olive, a 2d artist who joined just a few days ago. He’s very talented and very eager to make games! He’s multitalented, He can code a little and make some music as well.
He made this game on Android, and I highly suggest you should check it out: Tiny Fruit


Both are of course welcome to the team and let’s kick some A-double-S in LD!

Our “We’re-in-post” can be found here if you want more details!


LD weekend is over, back to routine.

Yes. The weekend is over.
Technically it was over yesterday, but as I took a day off work to be able to participate fully in LD it was still weekend to me.

So our entryΒ is up for rating. It has been for a few hours. Overall, the bugs are a painful presence but at least so far the the comments have been positive, people really seem to enjoy the graphics :).

During this week we’ll polish more on the game. Remove bugs, destroy it and rebuild it. So just because the LD event is over, we won’t stop caring about our game. Β A new version is to be expected in a few days.

Atomic vikings isn’t going to sleep either. As soon as tonight we’re going to have a meeting concerning how the weekend went and what we’re going to do until next LD.
We’re going to kick-off our own game project, which will be part of a game pack we’re making. The game pack will basically be what we call “tribute pack”. The games in this pack are tributes to old classical games. Where we take a lot of inspiration from the oldies and put them in a modern environment with our graphical style.
We also found a lot of bugs in our engine that needs to be fixed. We also learned that the structure of the engine need to be fixed, version 0.2 of Viking2d will be very different from version 0.1 at least.

We finished!

We finished our game in time for the submission, with 2 hours left!
We did have to cut out a few features but we’ll add them later this week. We’ve decided to continue polish a bit on our game and make a proper game out of it.

The weekend has been stressful, hard, filled with tears blood and sweat. We’ve worked our asses off and I hope you guys will enjoy the game!

You can read our submission here and you can also download the game. Β Ludum Dare

Now it’s time for some rest, got work tomorrow. Cya then!

Monday. Again. :)

Even though the weekend didn’t really go as planned I’m still satisfied with the result. We didn’t get to do as much on our warmup game for Ludum Dare as we hoped. But we got the concept written down, art has already started production but the game programming has been lacking.

Instead of programming on the game we started realizing how much is missing in Viking2d-engine. So we started working hard on adding better animation support, physics, spritesheet support and level loading.
This is all required by the concept we created. Hopefully we’ll have a good prototype running by the end of this week. Wish us luck πŸ™‚

At least we did manage to launch our website! Even though the livestream-subpage isn’t quite finished yet. It will be ready by the time ludum dare starts πŸ™‚ Check it out here!

Great start

This weekend started in the best way possible! Ate good food with my gf. Then started working with Atomic Vikings. Everyone had a lot to do. Writing texts, making pictures and putting stuff together.
All work wasn’t in vain.

Atomic Vikings website is now live. Go see it at

Also, once the website was online we decided to post our “We’re in” post on Ludumdare! πŸ˜€
Here’s a direct link if you want to see it

Tomorrow (or rather, today) we will start making our warmup game. We’ll start in the morning and spend entire saturday and sunday working on it. We’ll also be livestreaming most of our development and our discussions πŸ™‚
Follow me on twitterΒ or atomicvikings and join us in the fun!

This was an awesome weekend

So here it is, It’s Monday again. But I’m not sad. This weekend was soo awesome. I had a lot of fun livestreaming with a friend from Atomic Vikings. We tried our engine out a bit and made a very small jump puzzle game. We discovered a few bugs in our engine, which we’re working hard on solving.

This was an awesome experience and i’m sure we’ll do it again! Maybe with some more friends from AtomicVikings!
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