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It’s been almost a month since I posted anything.
I decided to stop my 365-day/post challenge simply cause I wasn’t feeling up for it anymore.

I’m still working hard on my project, It’s slowly getting bigger and bigger. I decided to take a step back to Java and Libgdx, simply cause it would help us out more in the late run than c++ would be able to. It would take too much work and too much time to get it working properly…


Day 41/365: Been a bad day

Hey, Sry this post wont be long. It’s been a bad night and a bad day. Didnt sleep well at all so I’ve had issues focusing…

Been discussing if we should announce our game-project this week. Our artist say he’s ready for it. Unfortunately, the code-side isn’t ready. I guess we’ll wait for a while.

Day 32/365: A new month

A new month, the first one blew past way too quickly!
Anyway 12 days left to my deadline – I’ve been working some today, working on the rendering engine. Making some tweaks here and there. And it is so fucking fun! Even when I’m not coding I’m working on my project – Finding youtubers whom I want to give review keys, coming up with new ideas for the game to enhance it or make it more comprehensive or even watch reviews/lets plays of similar games on youtube and taking notes so I know what areas I need to keep an extra eye on.

The most important thing however, this game is for me (and ofcs those who help me make it). It’s a game I’ve wanted to play for a very long time. It feels so great that it’s slowly starting to take shape.

And I must confess – The game has changed a lot since I first started thinking of it. It’s changed so much it’s hard to call it the same game anymore.

I’m a bit hesitant if the artist I’ve recruited for this project is up to the task. His art looks amazing however it shows that he lacks experience in creating this kind of art. (Not that many that have it either I’m afraid). I’ve asked him to not work too much on the project while I’m making up my mind. Just wish I new more artsy people so I could show them the art and get a second opinion – Since I’m not that artsy myself I tend to think anything anyone but me made is awesome…

I’m gonna try out his art in-game before I make up my mind.
Maybe it looks a lot better in-game than I thought.

Good job AGDQ !

I tuned in to the livestream at https://gamesdonequick.com/ yesterday and I can’t wait until next year!

The speedruns were amazing, the jokes were aweful but the caring and donations for charity was real. Just seeing donation after donation adding to the total was so heart warming. Knowing the there is good among humans after all.

They managed to gather a total of $ 1’305’657,28 that all went to the charity “Prevent cancer foundation”.  Really good job guys! Thank you to everyone who donated!

Day 10/365: Storm and inspiration

It’s very windy and wet outside. If you live in Sweden or Denmark, possibly Norway as well, you’ve probably heard that there’s a storm approaching the nordics from the atlantic. The wind is close to 30m/s here and it’s raining. It feels more like fall than winter here 😦

The bad weather aside, I’ve noticed I love watching people play Prison Architect and Rimworld. Both of these games are wonderful, both graphically and mechanically. Whenever I watch I feel like continue working on my own game. It’s a good way to motivate enself !

I’ve also added a new subpage up above. It’s called “Donations“.
Since I lost my job recently, money will soon become an issue. If I’m to continue developing my own games I need some monetary support. If you like my blog and my games, or even me, consider giving it a visit 🙂

I’m soon going to add another subpage, where I post games I’ve made, some info about them and hopefully a download link as well.

Now i’m off to do some late-night coding, ttyl 🙂

P.S. I do realize I missed my personal deadline of midnight again, but tbh. My sleeping rythm is screwed up, my days are weird atm 😉 D.s.

Prison Architect

A week-ish ago I published my second episode of me playing Prison Architect. Yesterday I received my first comment on a video 😀
It felt totally awesome! These kind of comments really warms my heart and inspires me and my friends to continue making videos.

If you haven’t already, give us a visit, watch a few of our vids and subscribe 🙂


Here’s the link to my prison architect #2 video: http://youtu.be/wcNwNnkn8pY

Prison Architect #1

And it’s live! 20 hours ago it was made public on our channel (http://www.youtube.com/polardisorder). My first solo video 🙂

Feels a bit weird to make a video where I have no one to talk to and i’m not playing multiplayer, thats normally the only mode that I play :).
But it was fun nonetheless! I’ve more episodes planned and I’ve even requested an earlier publish-time so the waiting time will be as short as possible.

Anyway, back to work ^^

You can watch the video here if you want.