Day 42/365: Moving forward

Forgot to make a post yesterday – Was a bit too occupied.

I did make quite some process. Got a lot of foundation done. But I ran into a annoying little bug, a sigsegv – segmentation error. First time I’ve encountered one of those. The game compiles and everything, but as soon as you run the game, it crashes and leaves basically no error. Nothing that helps me debug what is actually going on.

I do know however that my previous commit didn’t have the error so I’m backtracing my changes to see what could cause it.


Day 41/365: Been a bad day

Hey, Sry this post wont be long. It’s been a bad night and a bad day. Didnt sleep well at all so I’ve had issues focusing…

Been discussing if we should announce our game-project this week. Our artist say he’s ready for it. Unfortunately, the code-side isn’t ready. I guess we’ll wait for a while.

Day 40/365: I’m hooome

Home again from my parents house – It’s time to get greasy.

We managed to get some work done at least! Feels great! Even though we’ve changed framework, language even, and have to do a lot of stuff from the very bottom up.
Soon we’ll be ready to let our engine roar and start drawing pretty stuff.

Time to sleep now and I hope you all have a great night!

Day 39/365: Tick tock

Omg. Haha.
We found out some more info about VS (Visual Studio), so it wont work for us anymore. We’re gonna attempt ith Netbeans now. We have made a process we both need to follow to be enable to share our code between eachother.

It’s a bit weird way to achieve what we want, but it works. At least now we can get started coding.. Can’t wait!

Day 38/365: I wanna work

I’ve been very busy the last few days and the upcomming days doesn’t look better. Need to be places, need to do other stuff. It’s really annoying when I just want to work.

In a couple of days I’ll travel home again atleast, once I’m there and deal with a few minor issues I can start working on my project full time again.


As I wrote yesterday, we’ve been having a few issues with our development environment, but it seems like we’ve solved it now. Visual studio seem to support what we need and do the job we require. This will be my first project in a very long time made not only with c++ but it’s produced in visual studio. My last project there was the “Mando”-container I made during college. “Mando” was a container which worked similar to a associative array in php. I’m not sure how effective it was or how much resources it required (probably a lot since I’ve learned much the past few years alone).

We did set some goals while we were planning on the new engine, make all the basic classes and get the rendering going before the end of the weekend.
I’m not so sure we can accomplish it now since we had this major crisis with our IDE, but we’ll give it a go. Hopefully we’ll at least be close to accomplishing them.

Day 37/365: A lot of changes

Lol omg. I did write the post for yesterday, but I forgot to save/publish it before I turned off my computer…

Anyway, to the point. We’ve decided to change things up a bit, we’ve seen the need for greater control later on in the project. We’ll therefore step away from java for this project and make a engine based on C++ and SDL library. I’ve coded Cpp before but it’s many years ago. It has slowly started coming back as I was experimenting the entire afternoon with it. Altough, we’ve had some issues with our IDE.

We’ve tested a lot of different IDE’s in a short time and we’re gonna test Visual studio a bit more, been a long time since I tried it.

Day 36/365: Crap, I have competition.

Ohh crap. My project has been ongoing for a while now. I thought I was at least rather alone with my concept for now. I was sooo wrong ^^…
Today I was informed of a compeditor. And it turns out he has the exact same concept! Even down to the position of the GUI.

Now my heart is racing. Will there be room for two similar games on the market?
His game seem way less polished than ours will be. But I can’t judge it too much now, it’s in alpha according to him. In my eyes, and I’m trying to be as honest as can be here, his graphics looks like programmers graphics or pre-alpha level. I’m at least not alone on my project. I have a artist and another programmer working on the game.

I’m feeling pretty secure in my product. My anxiety level has risen now due to this compeditor.

What does this mean to me ?
It has pushed my project back. I’m not longer sure when we’ll be able to finish alpha 1. I just know one thing; It won’t be in 7 days which was the original thought.
I’ve started reconsidering our approach on how to release our game. Instead of going Kickstarter first, I think I’m gonna try to build a fanbase before I launch kickstarter.


Btw, I found his project on steam greenlight – this was also the first sign of his project, except his website. His website and youtube account seem to have been created at the same time as the greenlight was submitted. I’m not sure if he’s brave or foolish.

I’m going to keep an eye on his project.
This also means more stress on me as I need to prove that I’m a worthy compeditor to him.