Nom nom

Been a month now since I posted. I haven’t really missed it but I do wish I’d post more.
Writing about nothing isn’t really my sort of thing, I’ve been kinda in a rut lately so deving hasn’t really been fun lately. I’m slowly working on improving my mood and my emotional state every day. Which sadly means I’m in no position to force myself to do stuff I don’t feel like doing.
A friend of mine is trying to cheer me on and help me get back on track. I’m not so sure how well it’s working though. When I’m supposed to dev I just sit there, look through my code and I have a hard time of finding the direction I need to persue in order to advance my project.

A few updates since last time atleast.. The code for buildings is started, the core is complete atleast. Same with Zoning, you know rooms e.t.c.
A Gui has turned up – A few placeholder text-buttons that actually do stuff. Although the GUI looks like crap atm… But we can sand that off.

Tomorrow I’ll try to get some more coding done – I think what I should focus on is getting the building’s more fleshed out and zoning inside buildings need to be fixed…


Engine purrrrrr

I’ve been working the last few hours on Atomic Vikings game engine. It is purring but it coughs sometimes. I really need to sort out this unstable performance if we’re to use the engine in a multithreaded state.
Otherwise I’ll have to rewrite the engine to run on a single thread, but then I’m only postponing the solution because I want the engine to be multithreaded in the future.

It seems to run abit smoother now than it did several hours ago. Thats something atleast. The test object in the engine, it’s moving at a rate of like 60 pixels / second. it moves a little bit and then staggers… Continues in a smooth fashion and stagger again… Maybe it’s something with the delta…?

I’m not sure.. I’ll continue looking this weekend. Night

Soon time for a new month

It’s almost midnight, which means there’ll be a new month in less than 15 minutes. I wonder, what have I accomplished during May 2013? Shortly said, I’ve started looking more into doing some gamedev on my freetime. Which is a very positive thing for me. Although I haven’t been posting for a few days since i’ve been feeling very ill. Lets hope it turns shortly so I can continue putting energy into work and my free time gamedev.

I’ve had time to think and I believe I’m going to start working abit on my own game engine in Java working with LWJGL.
I’m building it because I want to learn more about LWJGL and Java, I want to continue to evolve as a person and as a developer.
Once the engine has reached at least version 0.1 I’ll start making a small 2d platform game. Simply to test it out and because I haven’t made a platform game before!

I’ll write more in a day or maybe even two, now I’m gonna watch a movie and go to bed. Cya!

Late night planning.

I know it’s kind of late, but I wanted to try to post from my cellphone.

I’ve decided that later today, Thursday, if I have the energy for it I’m going to keep developing on the game engine that me and my coworker are building for SwitchCase.

I’m really excited about the engine because it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.
My dream scenario is that we will be able to release a small game later this summer. Hopefully we will get it to work even on mobile devices, android and iPhone ofc.

But it’s time for some sleep. Just wanted to share my thoughts. 🙂