It’s Official: LD here we come!

LD (Ludum Dare) is approaching in a rapid pace, it’s this weekend!

Yet again I’ll participate with Atomic Vikings! And we’re going to have a blast of course!

Last time we participated we managed to snag rank 10! It’s going to be hard to beat but I hope we succeed cuz this time we have 2 additional members with us!

Riina, a 2d artist who joined us the days before the last LD but was unable to fully participate, she did turn up just in time to help us make a better looking logo for the game.

Olive, a 2d artist who joined just a few days ago. He’s very talented and very eager to make games! He’s multitalented, He can code a little and make some music as well.
He made this game on Android, and I highly suggest you should check it out: Tiny Fruit


Both are of course welcome to the team and let’s kick some A-double-S in LD!

Our “We’re-in-post” can be found here if you want more details!


Day 17/365: I love progress

Isn’t it just amazing, the feeling you get when you see the results of your hours of coding ?
I thought I wouldn’t be able to spend any time coding while I’m at my parents house, but I’ve been able to do remarkable progress. Seeing how my planning starts taking form, the positive feedback I’ve been getting from friends about how my kickstarter looks and my game concept. A friend of mine even told me how I look very similar to Notch, just add some more hair on the head and some glasses.

I’ve started working on some simple GUI now. At least some simple like a button. I just need to make sure I code it correctly. I dont want anything behind the GUI to react if you click on a gui-button or textarea. That’s just poor coding. I’m just not sure how to code it yet. I need to track where the click is (easy) and then check if it hit a GUI object, if it doesn’t it should just pass the click event along to the rest of the game-logic. Sounds simple enough. Just need to make sure I remember it. Lol ^^

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get any coding done tomorrow – I hope I will but not sure. The whole reason we drove to my parents this weekend was to celebrate my fathers and sister-in-laws birthday. Now my brothers baby has been under a fever for a couple of days so it has been postponed. Looks like we have to take a re-incheck on plans…

On Monday or Tuesday we’ll be driving home again (me and my girlfriend). Then we’ll be home for a week or so before she’s going home to her parents to celebrate her birthday. Can never really catch a break, lol.

My plans so far is that once I’m home I’m gonna re-record the video I made for kickstarter, I’ll spend some time on editing it (wont do any cheap tricks or fancy effects, I promise) and then it’s time to upload the video to kickstarter and submit the campaign/project for review. I’m so freaking nervous!
I sense I’ll be having some issues with sleeping while the project runs on kickstarter. How come this project means so much to me? It’s worth more than my job ever was to me, even though my previous job was my first steady employment.
Now it feels like this project will be the one thing that can help me out of my depression, if I focus enough my mind might start healing…

Quite a long post, hope you enjoyed reading it!
Feels great with a long post after I’ve posted such short ones earlier.

Day 10/365: Storm and inspiration

It’s very windy and wet outside. If you live in Sweden or Denmark, possibly Norway as well, you’ve probably heard that there’s a storm approaching the nordics from the atlantic. The wind is closeΒ to 30m/s here and it’s raining. It feels more like fall than winter here 😦

The bad weather aside, I’ve noticed I love watching people play Prison Architect and Rimworld. Both of these games are wonderful, both graphically and mechanically. Whenever I watch I feel like continue working on my own game. It’s a good way to motivate enself !

I’ve also added a new subpage up above. It’s called “Donations“.
Since I lost my job recently, money will soon become an issue. If I’m to continue developing my own games I need some monetary support. If you like my blog and my games, or even me, consider giving it a visit πŸ™‚

I’m soon going to add another subpage, where I post games I’ve made, some info about them and hopefully a download link as well.

Now i’m off to do some late-night coding, ttyl πŸ™‚

P.S. I do realize I missed my personal deadline of midnight again, but tbh. My sleeping rythm is screwed up, my days are weird atm πŸ˜‰ D.s.

Day 8/365: Insomnia ?


I missed my deadline, again! The day after as well! I should’ve learned.. ^^

I’ll have to make a second post later today to make up for it πŸ˜›

Had a terrible night. I couldn’t sleep, think the time was around 7-8 am before I fell asleep. Ofc I couldn’t sleep for to long either, woke up at around 12 so I’m feeling pretty drained right now. Yet I’m not sleepy, just drained of energy.
I can’t figure what could be causing it. Is it that I have a chronical illness in my stomach + the depression ? Both of them working together to bring me down ?

I did atleast some progress today, despite my lack of energy.
It’s time to start creating the living entities in the game. The entities the game revolves around, lol. I really gotta make them good.

I’m gonna jump in bed now – I leave you here with this gif. Ponder about it!


Day 2/365: My project

So yeah. In my previous post I promised some more info about my project. Including something to rest your eyes on.

My project has been ongoing since September, spending a few hours per week on it. I’ve spent more time on the concept and I feel it’s pretty solid now.
Now I feel I need to start spending more time on it, which means time off work.. Thats why I decided to do the kickstarter campaign.

Now. The game is a Business/simulator type. The player is tasked with designing, building and maintaining a hospital. The game is built with 2d graphics and the world is rendered top-down. I’m not gonna say too much until the kickstarter launch πŸ˜‰

hall concept


Here on the left is a concept image provided by the artist Chris Vales.
Check out his page by clicking his name.


I hope this image satisfies your imagination a bit πŸ™‚

Round 4! Getting close!

The timer has now passed 1 day, 18 hours. I’m starting to feel the tingling sensation in my stomach, just like a little child on christmas eve.
What will the theme be?
Am I ready?
What game will I make?

Questions…Β Questions are spinning around in my head ^^. Questions that won’t be answered until Saturday 0300…
Although, The concept construction meeting isn’t until 5 hours later, 0800…
We’ve not decided yet if we’ll stream the actual meeting. But at least most of the development will be streamed πŸ™‚

Btw, I voted in round 4, Here’s my votes!


Is it… Friday…?

It’s friday, friday…. No.. Not gonna continue that song…

But yes, it’s friday. It’s the weekend before Ludum Dare #27.
It means this weekend will also be filled with game dev πŸ˜€

Tonight we’re going to run some final tests for AV gameegine. We’re going to participate in the LD Warmup that started yesterday and we’ll see if we can find any critical bugs before LD. I wonder how it will go πŸ™‚
A side-note. We will probably be streaming while we’re playing around with our warmup-game. So make sure you follow @atomicvikings so you dont miss us when we go online.


Yesterday I was bored and I didn’t really quite feel like working on the engine. So I turned my attention into one of my older projects… A Java IRC Bot. I’ve written a couple before. Yesterday though I started a new one, from scratch. I brought with me new technologies that I’ve learned working on the engine and I must say… This bot is atleast 10x better than my previous one… It reacts faster, it has a better authentication system, it’s more configurable and it’s more scaleable.. It’s just freaking awesome πŸ˜€
This bot will in the future be assisting us in AV in our IRC channel. Not as a moderator or anything, more like, if we need information from our system we can call for it via the bot. Like latest tickets, statistics and stuff like that πŸ™‚

I started working on it around 1900 and I was finished at around 2300.. Then I started adding more commands and ofc.. It turned into a late night. I hate when that happens.. ^^.