It’s Official: LD here we come!

LD (Ludum Dare) is approaching in a rapid pace, it’s this weekend!

Yet again I’ll participate with Atomic Vikings! And we’re going to have a blast of course!

Last time we participated we managed to snag rank 10! It’s going to be hard to beat but I hope we succeed cuz this time we have 2 additional members with us!

Riina, a 2d artist who joined us the days before the last LD but was unable to fully participate, she did turn up just in time to help us make a better looking logo for the game.

Olive, a 2d artist who joined just a few days ago. He’s very talented and very eager to make games! He’s multitalented, He can code a little and make some music as well.
He made this game on Android, and I highly suggest you should check it out: Tiny Fruit


Both are of course welcome to the team and let’s kick some A-double-S in LD!

Our “We’re-in-post” can be found here if you want more details!


Day 11/365: Ordinary sunday

Hey hey hey!

How is everyone? Here it’s been an ordinary sunday. Eating some candy, doing some cleaning and playing some games. Been a good day despite the bad weather outside (Still kinda windy after the storm).

I’ve been doing some coding as well but I’ve encountered an annoying problem. I’ve a weird bug which I dunno how to resolve.
It’s in the texturemanager, when it has fetched a spritesheet and splitted it into an 2d array, I try to fetch just one row of sprites but for some reason the array is empty. Something is fishy here…

I was just thinking.. I can’t wait for the next ludum dare! It’s too early to start getting hyped for it though ^^. Next Ludum Dare is in April. Three more months!

Anyway, time to go back to coding!

Day 10/365: Storm and inspiration

It’s very windy and wet outside. If you live in Sweden or Denmark, possibly Norway as well, you’ve probably heard that there’s a storm approaching the nordics from the atlantic. The wind is closeĀ to 30m/s here and it’s raining. It feels more like fall than winter here šŸ˜¦

The bad weather aside, I’ve noticed I love watching people play Prison Architect and Rimworld. Both of these games are wonderful, both graphically and mechanically. Whenever I watch I feel like continue working on my own game. It’s a good way to motivate enself !

I’ve also added a new subpage up above. It’s called “Donations“.
Since I lost my job recently, money will soon become an issue. If I’m to continue developing my own games I need some monetary support. If you like my blog and my games, or even me, consider giving it a visit šŸ™‚

I’m soon going to add another subpage, where I post games I’ve made, some info about them and hopefully a download link as well.

Now i’m off to do some late-night coding, ttyl šŸ™‚

P.S. I do realize I missed my personal deadline of midnight again, but tbh. My sleeping rythm is screwed up, my days are weird atm šŸ˜‰ D.s.

Why I Love … Ludum Dare

Hey there,

It’s been some time since I made my last post and now I thought it was time again. I’ve been thinking about making this post for a couple of days now, what to write, how to phrase things and what I actually want to say.

It should be simple, I mean, the title of this post is quite simple. But the feeling I get from Ludum dare, I can’t describe it with any words known to man. I’ll give it a try anyway.

I hold the Ludum Dare community close to my heart. Every single member, young and old.
On each single event (arranged 3 times per year) I feel great joy as I see the attention brought to the event and the entire indie-game industry. Seeing how the main IRC-channel tripples in participants the day before the event launchĀ forces my eye to shed a tear of joy and makes my lips form into a giant smile.
Seeing how the flow of tweets hits you like an avalanche is an amazing feeling. Knowing that you’re a part of something huge.

Hey, I’m focusingĀ too much on the event itself…
The core community, that spends 24/7 of their time in LD’s IRC channel, are just amazing. If you ever have a programming problem, question or just want to discuss new technologies you’re welcome to LD’s main channel. Everyone is very helpful and open-minded. I’ve seen countless of interesting discussions, countless of people receiving aid with a piece of code and litteraly thousands of ideas being discussed.
When I enter the IRC chat every morning, it feels like I arrive at a campfire where everyone is gathered. I take a seat and I feel like I’m at home.

That’s another amazing thing with Ludum dare (and indie gamedev in general). I met some of my closest friends via the community, none of them is from my country(Sweden)! Before I encountered Ludum Dare, I’d never taken part in an international gamedev project. Now, I’ve taked part in several and I’m even leading some of my own.
The level of international coorperation seen in the community and event are just out of this world.. If we could bring this to a global scale and into the heart of every single human being, we wouldn’t be far off achieving a World Peace…

The greatest tool the human possess, is the imagination…

So, If you’ve really managed to read all the way down here.. I thank you.

And always remember…

Programmers – Never stop typing.
ArtistsĀ – Never stop drawing.
Musicians – Never stop playing your instruments.
WritersĀ  – NeverĀ stop imagining.

GameDevs Unite.



Activity has been really low here on my blog since Ludum dare in august.
I’d like to apologize for that. The reason is simply that my health has deteriorated a lot. I’ve been feeling very fatigue and generally tired.
I’ve been seeing doctors about it but they all say/do the same thing… Take a few tests, ask me about my habbits (eating, exercising & sugar intake). Then they progress by telling me to sleep & exercise more. Or in some cases, they give me sleeping pills (even tho I tell the doctor that I sleep generally between 6-8 hours per night, so the amount of sleep isn’t the reason. It must be the quality of my sleep…).

After they’ve done all this, they send me home and tlel me to rest.


I’ve never felt so lonely since no one seems to understand what I’m going through.
Every morning it’s a struggle to get out of bed. Every day it’s a struggle to stay focused at work. It’s a struggle to even be at work.


Bottom line is… I’ve not been able to keep posting since I’m not feeling that good. I’ll start posting more when I feel better…

Just a thought…

…that I find kind of sad…

Within the first hour of the theme announcement during this weekends Ludum Dare challenge.. I saw several developers saying in the IRC that they won’t attend cause of the theme… It’s just heartbreaking to see that they didn’t give the theme a real chance..
The following first 12 hours I saw severals posts on the Ludum dare page dictating the same thing, more developers quitting…

In my mind, it’s important to really give it a try. Sure I may hate the theme.. But following the theme is optional. Sure you’ll get really poor “theme-ratings”… Who cares? Make a game, make it awesome and if you can – Implement something that represents the theme.

To me… The theme is not important.. Making a game is… And having fun of course…

We finished!

We finished our game in time for the submission, with 2 hours left!
We did have to cut out a few features but we’ll add them later this week. We’ve decided to continue polish a bit on our game and make a proper game out of it.

The weekend has been stressful, hard, filled with tears blood and sweat. We’ve worked our asses off and I hope you guys will enjoy the game!

You can read our submission here and you can also download the game. Ā Ludum Dare

Now it’s time for some rest, got work tomorrow. Cya then!