Monday 13/4 2015

I know how to keep going now.

I’m gonna take a breather on what I was working on. I’m gonna switch my focus to a temporary path-finding algorithm. One that works just fine until my co-worker feels better and can create the final version.

Working on pathfinding is a bit more “fun” than working on GUI. It’s more rewarding for me and I hope it’ll make me want to work more and play less games.

Which is weird, need to play less to work more.


Day 33/365: Threads

I’m new to threading. I’m not gonna lie about that. Most of my smaller prototype-size games have been singlethreaded. However, this new project is soo big I’m preparing for multithreading already. I’ve encountered obstacles with it already!!

The obstacle is my lack of experience with threading – The resourcemanager, which is responsible for loading the textures for the harddrive into the memory, is not done when it’s reporting that it is done! So it’s done but NOT YET.

This causes issues as the rest of the program begins to run once the manager is reporting “DONE!”. So when the rest of the program starts loading up, it notices “Where’s the textures you promised me?!” and starts puking NPE’s on me!

I’ve been tackling this issue the entire day today, although I noticed it yesterday. *GRR*

Okey. Calm down, tomorrow is a new day. And I’ll solve it. Until then.
Night night!

Day 20/365: Conundrum…

Hey internet!

It’s been a kinda slow day today – Been feeling very tired. Guess this is caused by the drive yesterday. Sure it’s only 220 km or so, but it’s very demanding to me to drive for 3 hours. Even with a break.

I’ve started progressing with the walls for the game – I think I know how to structure the walls. Although now I don’t know how to detect when all the segments are completed…

I have two versions:

#1 – The player builds one wall at the time, once they’re all completed and there’s an entrence (door), the game will see this and form that into a building. (All tiles within are now marked as “indoor”.

#2 – The player uses a tool that works similar to the box tool – He draws a box on the ground and along the outer edges there’ll be walls and the inner tiles will be made into concrete tiles.

I’m leaning towards #2 since it’s easier, but I’d prefer a combination of them both – You draw each wall like in #1, and when it forms a walled in area the tiles in the middle will be made into concrete (indoors)…

Day 14/365: Two weeks of -15

Hey everyone, Here I am, one hour late.

My first two weeks of this year has been… Well… Counting the fact that I got fired? It’s been good. I’ve started feeling better, getting more energy and more urge to do stuff – Especially in my own project.
Sure, loosing my job was a big drawback and put me down for a few days. But now I feel a lot better, from all kind positive feedback from you readers and my closest friends.

I’m not sure I’ll resolve my economical situation, no jobs = no money. Even when I’m still on the sick list. My kickstarter is delayed a bit, got some feedback from a friend and he wanted me to add couple of moving bits, a couple of gifs. I’ve made one today, and probably will have to speed-make the other tomorrow since I’m leaving to go to my parents house tomorrow.


How has your first 14 days on 2015 been?


Here’s the gif I made today (You’ll be able to see it again on the kickstarter)
Please, it’s graphics from the prototype version. It’s not final art.

Sequence 01_1

Day 10/365: Storm and inspiration

It’s very windy and wet outside. If you live in Sweden or Denmark, possibly Norway as well, you’ve probably heard that there’s a storm approaching the nordics from the atlantic. The wind is closeΒ to 30m/s here and it’s raining. It feels more like fall than winter here 😦

The bad weather aside, I’ve noticed I love watching people play Prison Architect and Rimworld. Both of these games are wonderful, both graphically and mechanically. Whenever I watch I feel like continue working on my own game. It’s a good way to motivate enself !

I’ve also added a new subpage up above. It’s called “Donations“.
Since I lost my job recently, money will soon become an issue. If I’m to continue developing my own games I need some monetary support. If you like my blog and my games, or even me, consider giving it a visit πŸ™‚

I’m soon going to add another subpage, where I post games I’ve made, some info about them and hopefully a download link as well.

Now i’m off to do some late-night coding, ttyl πŸ™‚

P.S. I do realize I missed my personal deadline of midnight again, but tbh. My sleeping rythm is screwed up, my days are weird atm πŸ˜‰ D.s.

Day 8/365: Insomnia ?


I missed my deadline, again! The day after as well! I should’ve learned.. ^^

I’ll have to make a second post later today to make up for it πŸ˜›

Had a terrible night. I couldn’t sleep, think the time was around 7-8 am before I fell asleep. Ofc I couldn’t sleep for to long either, woke up at around 12 so I’m feeling pretty drained right now. Yet I’m not sleepy, just drained of energy.
I can’t figure what could be causing it. Is it that I have a chronical illness in my stomach + the depression ? Both of them working together to bring me down ?

I did atleast some progress today, despite my lack of energy.
It’s time to start creating the living entities in the game. The entities the game revolves around, lol. I really gotta make them good.

I’m gonna jump in bed now – I leave you here with this gif. Ponder about it!


Day 5/365: Party…?

Hey again!

What a day. Been coding since I woke up and it’s hard. Especially since i still lack a lot of energy due to my depression.

Now in the evening there’s a party in an apartment in a close-by building. They’re drunk and loud. They’re playing around with
leftover fireworks since new years eve as well, lighting them and throwing it on the ground. Resulting in a very loud bang and flash. It triggered my car alarm a couple of times!
Maybe I should call the police since it could be very dangerous.

Today me and my girlfriend celebrate our 5-year aniversary. It’s been 5 hard years since we have a very tight budget that needs to support two people.
I can’t imagine life without her though, she’s so supportive of my gamedev hobbies and my ambition to one day call it my job.